Sunshine Coast Hinterland: Drive across the beautiful beaches of Australia

the beautiful beaches of Australia

Our route north to Noosa is a drive past the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, a beautiful area north of Brisbane that includes driving through the mountains and the beach side. There is little everything – if you like the beach, you will be spoiled for choice of routes along the coast. If you are more like a mountain person, the post is only an hour’s drive.

I traveled 10 days to Queensland with and the Queensland Tourism Board. This post details my experience of the Sunshine Coast section of Hinterland from a trip, where we drove from Brisbane to Noosa.

Things to do on Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Hinterland (noun):
Part of developed countries; country back.
The land is located behind the coastal area.

When you drive through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, here are some places you can stop and check

Maleny, a beautiful city on the mountain
Our shop took to Maleny, a small town about 1.5 hours drive from Brisbane which is famous for its wine and fresh milk companies. I first wondered why the tourism council suggested, but once we left … I understood why. This city is very beautiful! I do not believe it is only a short drive from Brisbane.

You can easily spend half a day in this beautiful city. Here are a few things you can do in Maleny:

Wine of Mount Maleny
Their food choices are pretty slim and they may run out of ingredients if you arrive in the afternoon, but their drink choices are the best. Maleny Rose, which is made from locally grown grapes. But if wine isn’t your favorite, you can also try homemade beer!

Maleny Dairy Farm
They have a farm tour that runs several times a day. Even if you miss a tour, I still strongly recommend …

What can be done in Uluru, Australia’s Red Center

What can be done in Uluru, Australia's Red Center

Wow, so I’m all nostalgic and looking back on a series of posts from one of the most memorable trips of my life – visiting the Northern Territory in Australia. That’s when I realized I had one more post that I never published from that trip! And that’s the most important too – you will see why one day. So without further ado, this is my post when visiting Uluru, the famous Red Center, and one of the most iconic landmarks in Australia.

This post is the fifth of a series of posts on the amazing time I have in the interior with YHA Australia. You can check the ‘Northern Territory’ tag to see more posts from inland and ‘Australian tags for each post I will do in Australia.

What is Uluru and why is it so special?
Uluru is a large monolithic sandstone formation in the middle of Australia. Although not the largest monolith in the world, this monolith is believed to be half a billion years old, 348 meters high and has a circumference of 9.4 km. The biggest monolith is Mount Augustus in Western Australia, 2.5 times the size of Uluru.

Uluru is special because it is home to many rare plants and animals. This is also an important spiritual site, sacred to the Anagu native people, with many caves painted with ancient rock art.

Is that Uluru or Ayers Rock?
You may have seen the name Ayers Stone used when referring to Uluru. That’s because for many years, Ayers Rock was the official name to refer to this amazing rock formation.

In short, you should call the stone Uluru, not Ayers Rock.

Why was it originally called Ayers Rock? To answer that, we have to go back to 1800. The bullet was first seen by Ernest …