Some cities are what we call “city 48 hours”, which is basically a place where 48 hours is a lot of fun, and maybe that is enough. Melbourne is basically the opposite of that. Often unfairly ignored for Sydney, Melbourne is a destination that offers a culinary paradise, glory on the beach, and a bustling city, all of which are wrapped in a package that can only truly be described as a caffeinated and caffeinated living paradise.

This is what to do, where to eat, and how to get around in Melbourne, which if you ask us, is one of the ten best cities in the world easily. In fact, maybe five big …

Towards the City
With the time ticking on your 48 hours, you have the option to arrive from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport to the city. Most trips take between 25-35 minutes and the main choice is to take SkyBus or take travel sharing services, such as Uber.

The SkyBus is a popular choice offering services from MEL Airport to St. Kilda, Central Business District (CBD) and other areas too. The bus stops right outside the terminal and if you order online, it costs around $ 14USD or £ 10 per person one way.

Riding a sharing service from Melbourne Airport directly wherever you go is really not that bad, especially if you split up. Travel will usually take around $ 55 Australian Dollars, which is around $ 40USD or £ 28 British Pounds. If you divide, it is only twice the price of SkyBus effectively.

Where to stay
One obvious reason to spend more than 48 hours in Melbourne is simple geography. Like London and other interesting cities around the world, Melbourne is widespread and every environment offers a truly unique and different atmosphere, with gems that are worth finding.

If this is your first time and you like easy access, the CBD and Southbank area is a popular choice, with a large network of abundant hotels and quick access to famous central shops, museums and cool nearby environments such as Fitzroy. You can’t go wrong with Westin, The Langham or Treasury on Collins.

For something a little more unique, St. Kilda and Windsor are very fun ways to do. The area is similar to the way Brooklyn sits near Manhattan and if you like food, boutiques and nightlife, this might be the place you want. Renting Airbnb in any neighborhood and looking for Chapel St as a reference point will lead to serious enjoyment, with fantastic access to the city via 6 Trams.

Fitzroy is another solid choice that is slightly closer to the city and here you will find great boutiques and Airbnb choices. If you are looking for an atmosphere like Santa Monica, California, Brighton farther east of the city is top-class seaside life.

Drive around Melbourne
In Melbourne, walking is your friend, but so is public transportation. Trams on the ground are very easy to use and will save you a lot of money. Know this: they are not free. The city is very liberal in enforcing that people really pay, but don’t be a tourist and a terrible ditch.

You can pick up MYKI cards at any major stops, or 7/11 stores and tap / tap every time you go up. Google Maps has a complete grid, so whenever you use wifi just plug in your destination and then take a screenshot when you are offline.

If Uber is your style, it’s everywhere and also relatively cheap. Bolt is a more popular local option too.

Day One: Leave 48 Hours Started
Ask any Victorian person, and they proudly tell you that they are coffee. If not, they are tea drinkers. There is no morning in Melbourne that is complete without extraordinary cakes that can make Paris faint, or a cup of coffee that might defeat any Colombian cafe. Very good.

For morning coffee
Dukes Coffee Roasters (CBD), Kinfolk (CBD), Bonnie Coffee (CBD), Slowpoke (Fitzroy), Journeyman (Windsor) or The Tamper Trap (Brighton) you will definitely get. Look forward to the delicious pastries and muffins in the one above, with an amazing breakfast selection that is full of blown eggs and so on in Tamper Trap or Journeyman. And yes, Journeyman is worth the trip.

After caffeinated and croissants, CBD is the perfect place to start, especially if this is your first trip. Strolling along Southbank will take you winding along the beautiful Yarra River and you can explore famous graffiti streets such as Hozier Lane and cool things to see along Flinders Lane.

You can then transition through Chinatown and head to the nearest Fitzroy, via the Melbourne Museum. The impressive structure is the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere and combines science, culture, nature and photography in an impressive package. The gift shop is a gem to take cool knick-knacks from your trip too.

At this point, maybe it’s time to shop, or eat quickly. The good news is, across the street from the museum, the Fitzroy neighborhood is outside the graph for both. Simply wander up and down Gertrude, Brunswick or Smith Streets to shop for both luxury and expensive boutiques, and a variety of restaurants at every turn. This is the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

For Great Lunch
Marios (Fitzroy), Marion (Fitzroy), Archie All Day (Fitzroy) Tokyo Tina (Windsor), Chin Chin (CBD), Cafe Di Stasio (St Kilda) or David’s (Prahran) will get you straight away, from Japanese food eccentric (which one you can guess) for an improved Italian (you guessed it too). Basically, you cannot be wrong. Keep in mind, these places are very good on the second day.

What’s next?
Whether you are a “boutique buyer” or not, the Fitzroy area is worth a visit. There is a small art gallery, a unique jewelry shop offering only local designers and clothing stores that offer the same thing. Because you’ve worked really hard all day, it’s also home to one of the best gelato venues in Melbourne, Gelato Messina.

After wandering around Fitzroy and Carlton and peering into some shops, that day should be mostly behind you. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to drink.

The Best Bars in Melbourne
For a very spectacular view of the city at sunset, Naked For Satan has an amazing rooftop bar that is worth a visit for low beer and wine. If more of your scene’s bespoke cocktails and special atmosphere, check out Loch and Key, Au De Vie or The Attic in Black Pearl.

Fast Time Out
Melbourne is part of Victoria, which is part of Australia that will cause your jaw to drop if you are only a few hours away. If you have more than 48 hours, which we hope you do, a trip to 12 Apostles, the Great Ocean Road or something like that is basically mandatory.

For affordable small group tours, we highly recommend Hike and Seek Tours, which offer neat visits to various “wow” places, all with friendly guides and no more than 9 people. This is basically an anti-“tour”, tour.

Second Day: Time for Branching
If someone says they don’t “get” Melbourne enough, it’s because they are one of those stupid tourists who walk five blocks near their central hotel, can’t find Starbucks and decide to turn around. Buh-bye, idiot. In addition to endless nightlife, world-class food, and a friendly atmosphere, this is a great mix of environments that makes this place so interesting. For the second day, you mark everything.

If you live in the CBD, it is 6 Trams from Town Hall / Collins St to Chapel Street which will put you in the main position. In the end, you will go further to Brighton, so if you are someone who likes to exercise, you can go all the way to Brighton first.

Chapel St is as vibrant as life and the perfect place to cruise enjoy local cafes, shops and restaurants; all while feeling the true Melbourne local life. People live here.

After filling Prahran and the Chapel Street area, you can fill the most satisfied sweet tooth at Glacé. This is a super crazy Michelin star style chef who fulfills all of your snack dreams at a dessert bar, led by Christy Tania. Salted caramel honeycomb ice cream is probably the biggest in the world, maybe.

Brighton, St Kilda and Beyond
Another big stop today is Brighton, and yes, you will see decent Brighton Bathing Boxes on Instagram, among other fun things. Bring your best camera, or at least a cellphone that is capable of doing justice.

Places to Eat in Melbourne
For special $ 120 USD (ish) style dishes per person, Cutler and Co is worth every penny. It easily became the culmination of the latest culinary trip and everything was done without pretensions. From there, get off: Gazi (CBD), Babu Ji (St Kilda), Coda (CBD), Amok (Prahran), Cumulus Inc (CBD) Supernormal (CBD) or Cafe Di Stasio (St Kilda) will give you a smile on your face .

There he is! Your 48 hours are up and it’s time to go home. If you have extra time, it’s a good idea to make time for Melbourne Park where you will find the Australian Open Tennis and Melbourne Cricket Ground, or if you are a great wine fan, maybe head to the Yarra Valley to find delicious juice. Melbourne is a city like the largest onion, so you may need to travel several times to peel it back, but you will fall in love from the first minute.

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