Sunshine Coast Hinterland: Drive across the beautiful beaches of Australia

the beautiful beaches of Australia

Our route north to Noosa is a drive past the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, a beautiful area north of Brisbane that includes driving through the mountains and the beach side. There is little everything – if you like the beach, you will be spoiled for choice of routes along the coast. If you are more like a mountain person, the post is only an hour’s drive.

I traveled 10 days to Queensland with and the Queensland Tourism Board. This post details my experience of the Sunshine Coast section of Hinterland from a trip, where we drove from Brisbane to Noosa.

Things to do on Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Hinterland (noun):
Part of developed countries; country back.
The land is located behind the coastal area.

When you drive through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, here are some places you can stop and check

Maleny, a beautiful city on the mountain
Our shop took to Maleny, a small town about 1.5 hours drive from Brisbane which is famous for its wine and fresh milk companies. I first wondered why the tourism council suggested, but once we left … I understood why. This city is very beautiful! I do not believe it is only a short drive from Brisbane.

You can easily spend half a day in this beautiful city. Here are a few things you can do in Maleny:

Wine of Mount Maleny
Their food choices are pretty slim and they may run out of ingredients if you arrive in the afternoon, but their drink choices are the best. Maleny Rose, which is made from locally grown grapes. But if wine isn’t your favorite, you can also try homemade beer!

Maleny Dairy Farm
They have a farm tour that runs several times a day. Even if you miss a tour, I still strongly recommend that you visit this farm just because it’s very beautiful. We didn’t make it in time for the last tour, but we stayed and got a cup of coffee, some farming and ice cream. Then we sat on a picnic bench on the farm and enjoyed a beautiful view that was calm.

the beautiful beaches of Australia

Gardner’s Fall
You can also take a short and easy walk at Gardner’s Fall. When I said a short walk, it was very short – actually 10-15 minutes walking and the road was paved well.

Gerrard Lookout
When you exit Maleny, make sure to drive past Maleny-Montville Road and stop by at Gerrard Lookout. This observation is small but you get amazing views of the Hinterlands from here.

Eumundi Market
Eumundi Market is a large market that occurs every Wednesday and Saturday. You can find anything from coffee, heritage food to clothes and arts & crafts here. Set aside a few hours walking around here.

Greenhouse Mountains
Glass House Mountains is a series of hills that are a short drive from Brisbane. I recommend staying in a cottage near the mountain (I will elaborate further where we live), and check out Glass House Mountains Lookout for sunrise, sunset or even just watch at night.

We tried one of the easiest climbs for Mount Ngungun, which is only about 45 minutes each way to the top. We started our hut up at 5am and started it, but it finally rained when we were still halfway. We reached the peak, but we could see nothing because of the fog. On a sunny day, it must be beautiful.

David Low Way, Driver for Pantai Indah
Beach lovers – David Low Way is 36 km drive from Maroochydore to Noosa Head. This is not the fastest route to go north but it must be beautiful. Along the way you find several monitoring points that you can stop in, such as Coolum Beach Park and Point Perry. Both are very good surfers and generally just relax by the beach.

Enjoy a romantic holiday at Amytis Gardens Retreat & Spa
When we went to Noosa, we stayed at Amytis Gardens Retreat & Spa. Located on Kiels Mountain, about 30 minutes drive from Maleny and a very quiet remote area between farms. This place is so beautiful! We have our own private chalet with queen bed, living room and large balcony. There is a parking lot for each chalet, so you can just park a few meters from the door steps.

Some villas are equipped with a spa bath located below a large window overlooking the forest. We really used the bath during our stay.

Amytis Gardens is the most memorable accommodation on this trip, and perhaps throughout the history of my journey so far. That is too good! I would not hesitate to recommend this place for couples who want to get away from busy city life.

Other things to do (which I don’t have time for)
Australia is a very big place – even ten days is not enough for me to explore the area so well that there are still things I can’t do. If you have time, you can check it out. I would love to hear about your experience about this!

Montville – I’m very close! This place is quite close to Maleny, but because we want to reach our accommodation before sunset, we can’t stop here. They have several natural attractions and waterfalls that you can visit.
Australian Zoo – This zoo was opened by Steve Irwin’s parents, where he helped since he was young. Among other animals, you can see a variety of crocodiles (which must be seen in Australia) and reptiles. Buy your Australian Zoo tickets online.
More climbing in Glass House Mountains – I only have to do one because it’s not a great experience because of the weather, but I want to do more than this!

Residence on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Amytis Gardens Retreat & Spa at Kiels Mountain – I have written a whole section about this place, so I don’t think I need to repeat it again! Perfect for a romantic getaway from the city.
Glass House Mountains Eco Lodge – We stayed here on the way back to Brisbane. This cottage is perfect if you plan to make an easy trip around the Glass House Mountains, which I highly recommend. We actually stayed here on the unpaid part of the trip (because we decided to extend the trip) and found it to be very good value for money. This accommodation is very basic but is clean and has a rustic feel of the mountains.

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